Halls Gap Pomonal Playgroup celebrates the close association between the two Grampians communities. 


Established in 1996 (or maybe earlier!), the group has flourished over the years thanks to the hard work and commitment of its members. Today, the group owes thanks to the hours of grant writing and fundraising undertaken by previous office bearers. We enjoy a fantastic home base at the Pomonal Primary School and we have you (you know who you are!) to thank for the resources and space we relish today.


Our Playgroup is about forming and building friendships, a sense of community and place... for young and old!

Like most Playgroups, we comprise of busy families who want to raise their kids in a healthy, connected community. Our Playgroup feeds, grows and is sustained on the participation of all families involved.

Although a Hals Gap Pomonal Playgroup, many of our members come from other communities in the Grampians region. We always welcome new members!

Upcoming Events:
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